Using “The Avengers” to explain how cancer treatments work.

I could use an Avengers’ character to illustrate each type of cancer treatment.

1. Immune checkpoint inhibitors, a la Bruce Banner and The Hulk

What is an immune checkpoint? you might ask.

In my talk, I compared this unwanted side effect to The Hulk.

2. Targeted therapies, a la Hawkeye

Some examples of targeted therapy:

I hope the Hawkeye analogy will help you realize that you don’t have to be the biggest Avenger (cancer drug) to be lethal (to cancer cells).

3. “Old-school” chemotherapies, a la Captain America

As oncologists, when we use the term chemotherapy, we mean any drug that causes direct damage to cancer cells.

Some common chemotherapy drugs that still have an active role in cancer treatment today:

Support cancer research! It’s our key to get there!



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