IWD2019 and Women in Medicine

In the spirit of this year’s IWD2019 theme, #BalanceforBetter, I pulled together this collection of posts from and about women in medicine. I hope you will draw inspiration from them for your own lives and practices.

1. Being a Woman, by Dr. Anne Malatt

An uplifting reflection on our lives as women and physicians.

2. IWD 2019: Suffragettes and medical women — examining the ‘jealous mistress’

An insightful historical perspective on the conflicts faced by women physicians a century ago.

3. Honor National Women Physicians Day With Self-Care

By Stephanie Graff, MD, FACP

From celebrating the strength in our femininity, to remembering and honoring our trailblazing predecessors, to not losing sight of ourselves, why not take a few more minutes for yourself and check out the full articles above!

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What links did I miss? What are your thoughts on IWD2019? Know of a great article that should be on this list? Please comment!



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