Burnout Roundup October 1 2019

1. Physician Burnout: Are Too Many Patients Making Doctors Sick?

In this Forbes article, the author explains the burden of administrative (non-clinical) tasks that contribute to burnout. “Physicians don’t hate technology … what they hate is bad technology. “

2. University of New Mexico Studies Physician Burnout Related to Electronic Records

More news on the burden of the EHR from University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center researchers:

3. The Economic Cost of Physician Burnout

In this online article on Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, the author highlights the June 2019 article in Annals of Internal Medicine. The cost of physician burnout in the U.S. translates to 4.6 billion dollars per year.

For those organizations that require a “business argument” before considering making changes, consider this:

4. Five embarrassingly easy ways to fix America’s health care mess

  1. Price Transparency
  2. Patient-centered solutions
  3. Get rid of the middlemen
  4. Ban kickbacks
  5. Eliminate inappropriate care

5. 3 expert insights on physician burnout

A strength of this article is that all three of the experts interviewed pointed out the importance of putting the physician at the center:

  1. “Physicians need to have some control and autonomy in addressing these issues and improving their work lives. It’s easy to suggest solutions for burnout, but clinicians need to have a say in what they want and need, rather than having solutions applied to them.
  2. “EHRs can drive significant improvements in patient care, documentation and efficiencies, but they can also add to the burden on physicians and their teams, especially if they are not effectively trained after their initial go-live or during new hire on-boarding. As new processes or technology optimizations are developed, doctors also need to be involved so everyone is on the same page about how the technology should function.”
  3. …providing resources and changing the dialogue around mental health — all things that will reduce and possibly eliminate burnout in the future.”



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